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Big 3 iOS 14 Tips For Marketing | Viscap Media

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Big 3 iOS Tips For Mktg Thumbnail

Big 3 iOS Tips For Mktg Thumbnail[/caption]

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What Is iOS 14?

So, iOS 14 was released by Apple on September 16, 2020 and various new features have been introduced. Some new iOS 14 updates include an update to widgets, being able to unlock your car with NFC, and most importantly their newest iOS 14 privacy features.If you’d like to look at the whole list of features straight from the source, check out Apple’s iOS 14 Features page.Here we’ll go through some of the main iOS 14 update features that caught our eye, how it’s affecting marketers, and what marketers can do about the new post-iOS 14 privacy update era we’ve arrived at.

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Key Takeaways

  1. iOS 14 update features have launched including privacy & security.
  2. iOS 14 privacy features have presented many challenges for digital marketers since its release.
  3. iOS 14 privacy has some work-arounds, but will affect reporting and will take a bit of creativity to make these campaigns work.
  4. Partnering with a creative advertising agency is okay, and will get you the BEST results.

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4 Key Takeaways for Big 3 iOS 14 Tips For Marketing

4 Key Takeaways for Big 3 iOS 14 Tips For Marketing[/caption]

What Are The iOS 14 Update Features?

Some really cool features that got added include the ability to unlock your car via NFC on your iPhone, unlocking your iPhone with your Apple watch, Safari update including a website privacy report feature, app tracking transparency, approximate location indicator, and camera/microphone recording indicator.MacRumors sums up the new key features in a list in this article.

  • Compatibility with all devices able to run iOS 13
  • Home screen redesign with widgets
  • New App Library
  • App Clips
  • No full screen calls
  • Privacy enhancements
  • Translate app
  • Cycling and EV routes

These new iOS 14 update features may benefit the average Apple iPhone user, but some of these iOS 14 privacy updates have become a major headache to digital marketers as we adapt to an ever-changing industry.The first issue with iOS 14 privacy updates is geofencing. This is gonna be affected by the third-party tracking and approximate location updates the most. Retargeting previous visitors and geofencing a physical billboard are going to be a lot more difficult with these roadblocks up. The cookies won’t track well, and getting a precise bead on a location within a fenced area on the map will be a bit more tricky.[caption id="attachment_8127" align="aligncenter" width="3240"]

iOS Tips Blog Geo Fence Map

iOS Tips Blog Geo Fence Map[/caption]The second issue made by the iOS 14 privacy update is video advertising conversions tracking. The third-party cookie tracking and pixels for visitors and conversions will get more difficult as they’re blocked, leading to a misappropriation of credit for a sale and skewing the results of a campaign.With less data available, it’ll also be harder to tell which campaigns are getting the best results. The third party tracking blocker on Safari even blocks Google Analytics!Safari has cross-site tracking blockers that will nerf the effectiveness of retargeting.The third big issue with iOS 14 privacy updates is tracking social media advertising. Individuals will opt-out of data sharing making it harder to tell what the visitor has seen, interacted with, clicked on, and purchased.Facebook has pleaded with Apple many times not to implement these privacy features; however, Apple has rolled them in all the same. The Guardian published an article highlighting the major dispute between these two tech giants.[caption id="attachment_8129" align="aligncenter" width="1080"]

Facebook Vs Apple iOS 14 Tips Blog

Facebook Vs Apple iOS 14 Tips Blog[/caption]You can read more about the changes iOS 14 update features have had on Facebook ads through this article on their Facebook Business website. Facebook is letting us know which pixels to upload to our websites, the ad creation limitations in place now, and the issues they’re experiencing with tracking & reporting.Google has also released a statement that advertisers may see a significant impact to their Google Ads revenue on iOS 14 devices.

What Is Viscap Media Doing About iOS 14 Privacy Updates?

We’ve come up with a few iOS 14 tips to tackle this serious problem. The best solution when it comes to video advertising is the use of modular video ads. You can read more about this topic on our Modular Content Blog, but we’ll sum it up quickly so you can get the gist of it.

iOS Tip #1: Modular Videos

The first iOS 14 tip we got for you is to use modular video ads. Modular video ads is essentially making up a framework for a video, making each section of the video into a bucket, then creating a few variations of each idea to go into each bucket.With multiple video parts made out, they can be mixed and matched to make a bigger collection of modular video ads that can be market tested.During the testing, the performance for each video is tracked and the winning video parts gets analyzed to see how it can be reproduced and improved upon.The winning video parts are determined from analyzing data and seeing which ad elements are consistent. From there, another batch of videos are made with the winning elements, then are again A/B tested.

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iOS 14 Tips Blog iPhone Video

iOS 14 Tips Blog iPhone Video[/caption]

iOS Tip #1: First-Party Data Collection

Another iOS 14 tip is to start increasing first-party data collection. This can be done by having an account sign-in on the website (Google/Facebook), asking for emails, asking for phone numbers, or by having the visitor make an account on the website. Asking for verification is a great way of building up an email/text list with legitimate accounts.These contact addresses can now be used for client/customer nurturing and is one of the best ways to get around the new iOS 14 privacy updates. Make sure to include an unsubscribe button/response to ensure that your domain name isn’t being demoted for spam.Now that we’ve captured first-party information, we should also mention that an iOS 15 update feature is Hide my Email. You can include an email verification process and provide value during your email marketing to make sure that the email addresses being captured are legit and warm leads.The KPIs for email marketing campaigns will also be changed to delivered emails instead of open rates that are currently being used. This will compound the issues digital marketers are having with the iOS 14 privacy updates.The first-party data is still useful and can be used for retargeting later through email marketing, SMS marketing, or something else entirely perhaps. This is the fun part where marketers may get super creative to find new interesting ways of gathering first-party data and implementing strategies to target with the first-person data.Challenge accepted!

iOS Tip #1: Tracking UTM Parameters

A third iOS 14 tip for getting around this iOS 14 privacy wall is to continue using tracking UTM parameters. The large string of numbers and letters after a popular website is actually a tracking code telling the website where the visitor clicked through from. This is really popular with the affiliate marketers and is essentially how they track their commission.These tracking codes can also be shortened using Google or another website to make the links more manageable. If you’re still struggling with finding a good URL shortener, check on this blog from Zapier listing their favorite services for this task.

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Big 3 iOS 14 Tips for Marketing

Big 3 iOS 14 Tips for Marketing[/caption]

Why To Hire A Creative Marketing Firm

Keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of marketing can be difficult for some. There’s curveballs being thrown our direction ALL THE TIME! iOS 14 update features are just one of the many hurdles we manage as professional marketers. We create strategies around these roadblocks and deliver results.If you’re having trouble adapting to the new changes, there’s nothing wrong with reaching out to a creative advertising agency for help. They have the knowledge and experience to best handle your marketing needs and deliver measurable results.[caption id="attachment_8125" align="aligncenter" width="1169"]

iOS 14 Tips Blog On Set

iOS 14 Tips Blog On Set[/caption]Viscap Media is a creative advertising agency that puts an emphasis on providing real conversions to our clients. We’re more than geeks with cameras. We’re marketers at heart.Come check us out on the web to see what our video advertising can do for your brand and beat these new iOS 14 update features.


To make a long story short, iOS 14 update features have launched including privacy and security changes. These iOS 14 privacy updates have become a real headache for digital marketers as they adapt to the changes necessary for their campaigns to be successful.We’ve shared some iOS 14 tips and tricks to help you get a jump start on succeeding in the new marketing landscape that is post-iOS 14 privacy.If you’re having trouble with creating a strategy around iOS 14 update features, there’s nothing wrong with partnering up with a creative advertising agency to help you through your marketing strategy and implementation.Contact us today, and let’s get started working on your digital marketing campaign plans!Sources:iOS 14 | AppleiOS 14 Update Features List | MacRumorsFacebook V Apple The Looming Showdown Over Data Tracking And Privacy | The GuardianFacebook Changes Due To iOS | Facebook BusinessBest URL Shorteners | Zapier

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