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Brand story: What is it and why do you need it?

A brand is not just a catchy tagline on your products or a cool logo. Brands that are recognizable across the world and throughout many cultures are easy to recognize because they have a brand story. This brand story can be one of overcoming obstacles or revolutionizing their respective industry. Your brand story tells the world who you are and what you can offer to them. To send the right message with your brand story, you first need to understand what it takes to develop a compelling brand story. Once we see what makes a brand story, we will look at why you need to create yours now to set yourself up for future success.

Key Elements of a Brand Story

Behind every story, there are a few fundamental elements. While every story obviously needs an end and a beginning, it is everything in between those points that you need to really take notice of. These are what we believe every brand story needs to be a success with your customers.

Relatable Origins

Everybody loves an underdog, and you can use your brand story to convey how you overcame obstacles to create your brand. Even if you didn’t come from the ashes and had to fight to get your business running, people appreciated brands that share what it took for them to come to life. You need your brand story to compel an audience can connect with them on an emotional level. Telling customers a story about what got you to where you are today will make them invest time into learning more about your brand and hopefully become future customers.

Understanding Your Audience

Before drafting up your brand story, you need to understand who your primary audience is going to be. This is so critical because you need to create a message that can be relatable to the customers you want to reach the most. Writing up a story without any direction or clear audience will turn into your company sounding like it is just in business for the money. Look to companies with brand marketing services to see how you can really narrow down your audience and capture their attention.

Connecting With Your Audience

Now that you know who it is you want to connect your story with, you need to understand how to make that connection. Connecting with an audience requires you to step into their shoes to understand what it is they are looking for in a brand they hope to work with.Just like how Viscap Media steps into the shoes of a customer when marketing products, you need to do the same to see what story would compel them the most. Connecting with an audience requires you to be vulnerable and honest about who your company really is.

Having the Necessary Data

Once again, we see that connection between raw data and emotions coming back into play. When creating your story, you need to see what motivated your customers to act and work with a brand. This can look like investigating your advertisement data or doing some market research. The new insights you will gain from this data are going to be crucial to your story’s success. After all, writing a story for an audience that won’t listen is just a waste of precious time.

Being Able to Honestly Help Customers

The last element of a really compelling story requires you to be open and honest to your customers. Considering just how critical storytelling is to solidify your image, you never want to lie or mislead customers with an unrealistic story about who you are. When you use these elements as a background for your brand story, you will make people connect and relate to your brand on a fundemental level. With an idea for the basic elements, let’s now see why it is so important to get your brand story right from the get-go.

Essential Reasons To Leverage a Brand Story

Now that we know what it takes to make up a story, it is important to know why we’re writing one in the first place. As we will see, leveraging your brand story is what connects you and your customers in a way that gets them ready to work with and buy from you.

Shares Who You Really Are

In nearly all cases, taking the time to create your brand story helps you understand who you really are. When you take the time to think about what got you to where you are now, you can share that exciting story with customers who really care about what made you the way you are. For several companies, Viscap Media was able to help them tell their brand story by creating compelling media that shared who they really were. This gets customers engaged and helps you further create effective marketing material.

Makes Your Brand Feel Human

No customer wants to read a company description or blog post that looks like it was written by a robot. Your stories should feel human and connect to the audience on an emotional level. Showing people that there is a dedicated team behind every product goes a long way. In many cases, the brands that seem the most human and realistic are the ones who get the most business. The top companies in the world today are where they are because they were able to captivate audiences with their passionate stories of success and failures in getting to the top.

Highlights Your Passion and Purpose

At the heart of every business should be a strong purpose and passion. These core elements are what makes a business unique in the market and helps customers latch onto your mission. Without a passion told through story, you are just another virtual shopping cart. Companies who were founded on the idea that they can help others grow will always be more exciting for customers than brands just looking to make a profit.

Sends a Message To Your Audience

When it comes down to the brass tacks, your business needs to make a profit. Unless you are selling something that people need to absolutely service, then your services are not going to be of immediate importanceHowever, sending a message to increase sales is incredibly easy to do when you have a compelling message. Utilizing a powerful story that hits on an emotional level will convince people to rationalize their purchase and be happy to support a brand that makes them feel good.

Connects you and Your Audience

The last reason that you must create a great brand story is because it is ultimately what connects you and your audience under a common goal. If you are a company that cares about the environment, having that in your story will connect you with those who share similar beliefs and common goals. A story between friends and family brings us closer together, so why should that be any different for a company? The answer is that it shouldn’t be any different. If you want your brand to sell and succeed, you need to get your story straight. Final ThoughtsSo much can be told from a brand story and so many potential customers can be moved to work with you. When you understand what a story can really do for your company, you’ll want to get out the notebook and start defining what your brand really stands for. Sources:Link 1Link 2Link 3

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