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How to Get Help with Your Facebook Ads: Agencies that Help Users Convert

Facebook advertising is more important than ever before, but many companies aren’t finding immediate success when they post their initial video and still image advertisements.Although Facebook advertising is crucial, there’s a lot more that goes into the art of successful Facebook advertising than just posting the first video ads you can come up with. It’s an art like any other, and that’s why brands that want to succeed are turning to agencies that can help them communicate to users--and eventually convert them into paying customers.Want to know how a digital marketing agency can help your brand? Read on!

Why Use Facebook Ads at All?

Simply put, because Facebook is one of the best platforms for you to reach as wide an audience as possible for your brand!Facebook has billions of users on its platform at the time of this writing, and that trend isn’t looking to slow down anytime soon. In other words, if you want to reach your target consumers and get the most marketing bang for your buck, you’ll advertise on Facebook simply because of its convenience.Through Facebook and its relatively sophisticated Ads Manager, you’ll be able to target certain demographics of users based on things like their interests or ages (or even their locations), as well as post ads on a scheduled cadence. Running an effective ad campaign is extremely easy using Facebook.However, the quality of your ads will still determine how successful your Facebook marketing is overall. That’s where help organizations like marketing agencies come in.

Facebook Customer Support and Ad Support

It’s true that you can rely on Facebook’s built-in customer support and ad support controls. Facebook has a wealth of tutorials and information you can use to understand the Ads Manager, which provides a staggering number of choices regarding targeting options, payment plans for your ads, and more.But it’s important to note that these resources don’t help you create ads that convert or reinvent your ad campaign for better success.If you want your digital marketing to reach its peak potential, you’ll need to partner with an effective digital marketing agency.

The Best Way to Boost Ad Performance: Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing agencies are exactly what they sound like: specialized organizations that know how to market in the digital sphere for the best benefit for your brand. Whether it’s creating video ads, optimizing mobile ads, or creating and maintaining a long-term marketing campaign from scratch, digital marketing agencies can bolster your marketing efforts and help your brand reach stratospheric success.Take VisCap Media: one of the web’s most popular digital marketing agencies. Through an agency like ours, you’ll be able to focus your efforts on what you do best: running your business, creating excellent new products, and figuring out new ways to solve the problems of your core customers.In the meantime, you can leave much of the marketing nitty-gritty to VisCap. For example, we can help you craft high-quality video advertisements for posting on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media or web platforms.We specialize in building branded content that can build awareness of your company and resonate with your audience on a deeper level. We’re so efficient at this that we guarantee you’ll lower your CPM (cost per thousand impressions) for your ads, letting your limited marketing budget do even more work!

The VisCap Media Difference

There are other digital media marketing agencies, of course. But VisCap is different – in fact, we’ve accumulated a portfolio of top-tier work we’ve done for our past clients. All of our past clients have great things to say about their experience with us in large part because of our focus on the human elements that are crucial to any marketing campaign or single advertisement.

A Human-First Approach

Indeed, VisCap Media’s human-first approach is what separates us from other marketing agencies and will allow your brand to take off to new heights.At its core, a marketing campaign is a series of messages designed to create an emotional relationship between yourself and your target consumer. Your brand has to do something worthwhile for your target consumers to convert them into paying customers.With our advertising methods, we’ll forge lasting relationships with your target consumers and help your brand become the go-to choice for the people you hope to reach most.How? By creating content that speaks to your customers on an emotional level rather than a purely logical level (although we also include plenty of facts!). With our help, your marketing efforts will reach even the most distant consumers, helping smaller brands to elevate their public awareness to much better levels.

How VisCap Boosts Facebook Advertising Results

Over the years, we’ve collected quite a few happy clients who have seen noticeable boosts to their engagement levels, conversion rates, and impressions. The secret to our success lies in three key elements that we leverage with every single advertisement or marketing campaign we work on.

Powerful Brand Representation

To begin, we emphasize powerful Brand representation in everything we do. Not our brand, either – yours! Before we make a single ad, we will work directly with your marketing team and get a sense of your brand and the value you bring to your core consumers.This early research will allow us to represent your brand accurately and lead us to your target consumers, helping us present you in the best light possible. This preparation stage is also vital to prevent mistakes later during the production of a full-on marketing campaign.With our help, you’ll be able to present your brand on Facebook advertisements as the number one or go-to solution for whatever primary pain point your products or services are designed to alleviate. Your target consumers won’t even think of going to a competitor since your brand will appear so much more attractive by comparison.

Tip-Top Production Value

Furthermore, every one of our advertisements is produced with high-quality production value and only the best acting talent. It’s one thing to imagine an excellent video advertisement; it’s another thing to produce it!Take a look at our portfolio, and you’ll see what we mean. Each of the ads we work on is designed to be attractive on a visual and visceral level. We hire actors who can adequately project the required emotions to connect with your target consumers and seem convincing in their portrayals of each advertisement’s protagonist.The result? Ads that truly resonate with your core consumers and that don’t seem overly corporate or fake. This is crucial when making Facebook advertisements that convert. Social media users are more ad-savvy than ever before--they know how to see through a fake ad incredibly quickly. If they detect that an ad doesn’t have good production value, they may turn off your brand altogether.Avoid the risk entirely and go with VisCap Media – we’ll make your ads visually engaging experiences from start to finish!

Improve Engagement

Overall, we create our ads to improve engagement with your brand across the board. Whether that’s through driving social media likes or shares or directing traffic to your online store or website, our ads are proven to boost engagement with your company after just a few showings.Even better, our ads are created to be used again and again. We can help you make a long-term marketing campaign to provide similar long-term results for your brand, not just a short-term boost in CPM.As a result, your brand will become a bigger part of your industry or niche and, in turn, become harder to dislodge by your competitors. We can help both smaller brands that need help get their footing in a competitive industry or help larger companies that are already established but want to ensure that they don’t lose their number one spot to an up-and-coming competitor.


In the end, the best evidence we have for our efficacy is our existing portfolio. We invite everyone reading this to check out our portfolio and see the success we’ve already brought to brands just like yours! We have our reputation for a reason!Still have questions or want to know the specifics of how our marketing agency can help your company? Don’t hesitate to contact VisCap Media today – we’re ready and waiting for your call!SourcesMost used social media 2021 | StatistiaCost Per Thousand (CPM) Definition | InvestopediaStudy: 27% of social media users view ads more negatively | Marketing Dive

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