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Video Advertising on Facebook: How to Use Video Media to Get Users to Convert

Any online business that wants to grow quickly needs to post ads on Facebook and Instagram: the two most popular social media platforms in existence, and the two best suited to video and image advertising by far.But while posting video ads on Facebook can be beneficial, they'll only increase your conversion rate over the long term if you create high-quality video ads. And to do that, you have to know how to make ads that truly connect with your target consumers.So, how do you do that? Fortunately, you’ve come to this detailed breakdown, which will go over the basics of video advertising on Facebook and explain how video ads convert users in the first place. Let’s get started!

What Facebook Ads Are

Part of the difficulty many brands have in advertising on Facebook lies in understanding what these ads are and what they are designed to do. Facebook ads aren’t exactly like other ads you find. They’re designed to capture so-called “distraction traffic”. In a nutshell, many people scroll through Facebook looking for things to grab their attention.They don’t go to Facebook to specifically look for videos or advertisements. As a result, making a video ad for Facebook relies on capturing user attention quickly and retaining it throughout the duration of the message, along with inspiring conversion into your company’s sales funnel before attention is lost.Facebook ads are not the same as ads on other platforms like YouTube or TV. On YouTube, most media is either recommended by algorithms or searched for directly by users. TV ads are shown based on demographic interests calculated by likelihood based on the current program running. For example, advertisements for home cleaning products are more likely to be shown in the daytime, when stay-at-home mothers may be watching TV by themselves (though this is changing).Grasping the score difference is key to understanding how to create an effective Facebook ad.

Why You Need to Research Your Target Audience Beforehand

Facebook (and its subsidiary platform, Instagram) both have several billion users each month between the two of them. That’s a ton of potential traffic, but you can’t have it all. In addition, making generic ads that don’t connect with anyone in particular will only make your marketing campaign less effective, even if you put the ad in front of millions of eyeballs.Instead, it’s a better bet to research your target audience and craft your content to be relevant to that target audience, even if it reaches fewer people in a raw numbers sense. Research your target audience and you’ll be able to create ads that connect to the Facebook users most likely to engage with your brand in the first place.

What an Ideal Facebook Ad Should Have

When crafting a new Facebook advertisement – whether it’s an image ad, a video ad, or designed to be placed on Instagram as well as Facebook – you need to make sure that it has four primary components. If each ad has these components, your ad campaign will be more effective and you’ll be more likely to draw your target audience to your conversion funnel.

Attention-Grabbing Imagery

The first key aspect is high-quality, attention-grabbing imagery. Remember, most people on Facebook scroll through tons of content and only stop when something grabs their eye. You can't rely on people searching directly for your ad, so it needs to be designed so that it captures any wandering scroller’s attention before they look away.This isn’t to say that your video ad’s imagery should be obnoxious or garish, of course. Some artistry and elegance go a long way toward elevating your brand and making it seem like a better choice over your competitor.But your ad should include things like:

  • Bright, attention-grabbing colors
  • Impactful and dynamic imagery
  • Big text (if applicable to your video or other ads)

By combining all of these elements, your Facebook ad will be more likely to draw attention to it as someone scrolls down their feed.

Address Pain Points

Your ad should also get straight to the point and address any pain points your target consumers might have. This is where things get more specific.Say that your brand primarily makes high-quality car accessories for car owners who don't like having to replace footpads, seat protectors, and window shields all the time. Your brand makes tough, durable car accessories designed to last a lifetime.Your ad, whatever form it takes, should address the pain points associated with cheap seat protectors and similar accessories. You can even start your ad by asking a simple question: “Are you tired of buying a new seat protector every year, even though you take pains to avoid tearing it?”In fact, starting your ad off with a question is a tried-and-true technique that can convert quite effectively if you know exactly how to connect to your target audience. But this isn’t the only strategy you can use.You can also address pain points in other ways, such as by showing the solution your product represents right off the bat. That’s a great way to draw the interest of your target audience.Bottom line: be sure that you show how your brand can solve a hypothetical problem quickly, as otherwise your target audience will simply scroll past to the next eye-catching content.

Connection Building

There's another major aspect your ad should contain: a connection-building element that forges an emotional tie to your target consumer and your brand. This can be done in a number of ways.For example, you might construct a hypothetical scenario as described above, illustrating a pain point and the easy solution that the target consumer can find by visiting your website. Or you can build a connection by demonstrating competence.This method is particularly useful if your brand occupies a technical niche, such as selling software to other companies as a B2B brand. In these instances, anyone buying from your brand needs to know that you know what you’re talking about and that their time won’t be wasted by seeing what you have to offer. You can build a connection by demonstrating your expertise by using technical (though not too technical) terms, explaining your solution in detail in 30 seconds or less, and more.Emotional connections can also be forged by clever use of artistic imagery, music, and facial expressions. In many cases, video marketing experts like VisCap Media will be able to help you craft high-quality video ads for your Facebook marketing campaign by focusing on building connections between your brand and your target consumers.The most successful ads are those that are unforgettable, though not necessarily for their humor. Instead, you want your ads to be unforgettable because of the emotional connection a viewer gained after just 30 seconds of being introduced to your brand.

A Call-to-Action

Lastly, make sure that your Facebook ads have a call-to-action in the last couple of seconds of the ad. If you run an image ad, the call-to-action should be at the bottom of the image, though still visible for easy recognition.The call-to-action can be as simple as, “Visit our website at suchandsuch.com”. Or it can be a call-to-action with your phone number. The point is to inspire whoever just viewed your ad to enter the sales funnel and either visit your Facebook business page or your off-platform business website.If you fail to include even a basic call-to-action at the end of your Facebook ad, the odds of you converting a customer who might have otherwise enjoyed and connected to your advertisement go dramatically down.


In the end, there are many more factors than these that can affect whether your Facebook ads will be successful and effective for your marketing campaign. The best way to make sure your video ads don’t fall flat, by far, is to hire an expert video marketing agency.VisCap Media has had years of success advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more, working with brands in all industries and niches to create top-tier video content for their marketing needs. With our assistance, you’ll post high-quality, converting video ads on Facebook and dramatically increase the size of your consumer base in no time at all.Contact us today and see how we can help your brand!SourcesMost used social media 2021 | StatistaDaytime Video Usage is the New Norm Among Working Professionals | NielsenlWhat is a Pain Point? Read These 5 Widespread Pain Points Now! | Tony RobbinsWhat Is A Call-To-Action? | Digital Marketing

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