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Edutainment With Video Advertising | VisCap Media

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Edutainment with Video Advertising Thumbnail

Edutainment with Video Advertising Thumbnail[/caption]

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Edutainment With Video Advertising

How are marketers capturing the attention of their target audience and educating them at the same time? They’re using edutainment to better relay the information about their products to consumers in an engaging way that captures their attention.Throughout this article, we’ll cover what edutainment is, where it originated, how edutainment works in video advertising, and how effective edutainment is in video ads.Read on to learn more about edutainment with video advertising and add more useful knowledge to your marketing tool belt! You’ll also gain some insights that you can add to your overall marketing strategy as well!

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Key Takeaways

  1. Edutainment is a mix of education and entertainment
  2. Edutainment video ads work by informing the target audience about the problem, solution, and your product.
  3. Edutainment can be used all throughout the customer journey.
  4. Edutainment marketing is highly effective in both the short and long term.
  5. Partnering with a creative advertising agency to do edutaining video advertising is the best option.

What Is Edutainment And Where Did It Originate?

So, edutainment is a combination of the words education and entertainment. It’s the most common iteration of infomercial or infotainment and has been very popular in video advertising for quite some time now.Even if we look back to the time before online video advertising when TV was widely consumed, we had Billy Mays, the Flex Seal commercials, or full 30-minute episodes of jewelry sales.The word edutainment comes from Bob Heyman for the National Geographic Society in 1973 while producing documentaries; however, some sources have claimed it goes as far back as 1954 with Walt Disney describing educational short films for children.Edutainment has only evolved in the past few years into something that is more native to the social media platforms they’re on, and to resonate with the changing target audiences they’re now shown to through video advertising.As marketers, we must figure out how to educate consumers about our products without boring them to death. We use education in marketing because more educated consumers lead to more conversions and more happy customers.After purchase, they’re less likely to return items or experience buyer’s remorse. This is because more consumers are going through the purchase knowing full well about the product.[embed]https://www.tiktok.com/@viscapmedia/video/7008549823972396290?lang=en&is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1[/embed]

How Does Edutainment Video Ads Work?

Using edutainment will limit the amount of other research that potential customers have to do before purchase, and is a great way of plugging your product as the solution to their problems at the same time.It’s knocking out two birds with one stone! On top of all of this, using edutaining video advertising shows that your brand is an expert in the field and knows their products, customers, and industry!The 5 best video advertising styles to do edutainment with include:

  1. UGC (User Generated Content) Testimonials
  2. Three Reasons Why
  3. Viral Relaters
  4. Micro Ads
  5. Product Demos

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Top 5 Best Edutainment Video Types

Top 5 Best Edutainment Video Types[/caption]

Edutainment Throughout The Customer Journey

Edutainment is a wonderful tool that can be used throughout the customer journey. Let’s walk through each step and see how and why it’s useful at each stage in the journey.[caption id="attachment_8673" align="aligncenter" width="673"]

Edutainment Research Customer Journey

Edutainment Research Customer Journey[/caption]

Edutainment In The Awareness Stage

Using edutainment in the awareness stage is a great way of informing potential customers that aren’t even aware they have a problem, or that there’s a solution out there that they do indeed may have a problem.This can address an inconvenience they experience in their life that you know your product is the solution to. The best way of conveying this information is to educate them through engaging video advertising, whether it be short or long-form.

Edutainment In The Consideration Stage

Edutainment in the consideration stage is really important to getting the conversion as this is the stage that customers are aware of their problem and they’re doing online research to find the best solution.By using edutainment at this stage, potential customers are learning more about the problem, solution, AND your product!When your potential customer feels they can trust your brand, trust the information you’re providing, and trust your product, they’re almost guaranteed to convert!The best form of edutainment at this stage in the journey is again, using short and long-form video advertising. Using short-form video advertising across different channels will increase the chances of your potential customers running into your information.Some options for short-form video advertising include Google Video Ads (YouTube) and social media video advertising. Extra points if there are user-generated video testimonials that potential customers can easily find as this will also increase the level of trust your target audience has with your brand.An option for long-form video advertising is to use livestreams with a PowerPoint to provide as much information about a topic as possible and steer the target audience to close at the end. This is a better option for bigger ticket options that require more consideration before purchase.If your target audience is still not likely to convert after the video advertising, a link to learn more information in a landing page works really well![caption id="attachment_8674" align="aligncenter" width="672"]

Edutainment Research Landing Page

Edutainment Research Landing Page[/caption]

Edutainment In The Convert Stage

So, now that our target audience is aware of their issue and has been researching solutions, it’s time to finally convert them and close the sale!This is best done with a call to action. It’s usually at the end of the livestream in the form of a submittable form, or in the form of a direct link to checkout with the shorter form video advertising.It’s best to make sure that all your bases have been covered in the previous two stages to get the highest possible success rate.

Edutainment In The Loyalty Stage

Some people get unsure with their purchases after the conversion and may do some extra research to make sure that the solution they picked is the right one.This is the part where we reassure the customer and teach them a bit more about the product, brand, and problem that they’re facing.The best way to prevent buyer’s remorse and increase brand loyalty is through user-generated testimonial video advertising, three reasons why videos, and even how-to videos on using the products.This’ll help customers stay happy as a clam and prevent them from returning your product that they should have full faith in.[caption id="attachment_8675" align="aligncenter" width="700"]

Edutainment With Video Advertising Laptop On Fire

Edutainment With Video Advertising Laptop On Fire[/caption]

How Effective Is Edutainment In-Video Ads?

Edutainment has been used in everything from children’s education, such as Sesame Street, to public service announcements, such as the Dumb Ways to Die, and has shown to increase motivation, engagement, and improves focus.In a recent Poof New Sales article, the use of education in marketing leads companies to 3 times more sales at 62% of the cost! They also state that the lead qualities are better.These statistics make sense when we take into consideration what we talked about above of having more educated customers being more likely to buy, and be happier with their purchase.To back up these claims even more, a recent study by Conductor showed that educational marketing content made customers 131% more likely to make a purchase.This is because we are reinforcing our value proposition with knowledge, data, and facts so that consumers better understand what product they’re getting for the cost.Not only are edutainment marketing consumers more likely to convert, but Conductor also has data to support that there’s long-term benefits of using educational marketing to increase the overall trust and affinity for a brand by about 8%-9%!Even if the conversion doesn’t happen in the short term, the potential customers are more likely to convert later on after seeing more video advertising.Seeing the long-term benefits of edutaining marketing video advertising is not surprising as we’ve established that we are experts in our field and know what we’re talking about as we inform the target audience.[caption id="attachment_8676" align="aligncenter" width="700"]

Edutainment With Video Advertising Dog Chews UGC

Edutainment With Video Advertising Dog Chews UGC[/caption]

Why You Need A Creative Agency For Your Edutainment Video ads

Creating edutaining video advertising can be a bit tricky for some brands to do. Bringing in a creative agency to get the work professionally done may be the best option.A good video advertising creative agency will be able to do everything from scriptwriting to tracking & reporting with video advertising assets that can be improved and scaled on various different platforms across your marketing mix.The best video advertising styles to help brands get started with their edutainment include formats like user-generated content testimonials, three reasons why, viral relaters, micro ads, and product demos.Here at VisCap Media, we specialize in all these different formats and MORE! Our videos are PERFECT for pushing potential customers through the different stages in the customer journey all in a very short period of time. Everything from awareness to conversion with a CTA gets covered within the timeframe of the video advertisement.When you’re ready to start video advertising with edutainment, let us know and we can schedule a free video call and consultation to see if we’re the right fit for your brand!To learn more about our services, click through to see us on the web![caption id="attachment_8677" align="aligncenter" width="700"]

Edutainment With Video Advertising Product Promotion

Edutainment With Video Advertising Product Promotion[/caption]


To make a long story short, Edutainment is a mix of education and entertainment. It was named in 1973 by Bob Heyman.Edutainment video ads work by informing the target audience about the problem, solution, and your product. This increases conversion, trust, and affinity for your product.Edutainment can be used all throughout the customer journey, and can all be done in the same video ad by high-quality creative ad agencies.Edutainment marketing is highly effective in both the short and long term. It increases the conversion rate by 131%. Edutainment also increases trust and affinity for a brand by 8%-9% in the long run.Partnering with a creative advertising agency to do edutaining video advertising is the best option. When you’re ready to start, contact us at VisCap Media to start your video advertising campaign!Sources:Why You Should Create Content That Educates And Entertains | Marketing ProfsThat’s Edutainment | The Marketing SageEdutainment | Leverage EduEducational Entertainment | WikipediaDumb Ways To Die | PSA Melbourne TrainsHome | Sesame StreetEducation Based Marketing | Poof New SalesWinning Customers Educational Content | Conductor

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