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How Long Should a Facebook Video Ad Be?

If you want to start uploading videos for your brand to Facebook, you will want to be sure that you are following their guidelines. If you want your ad to fit in the format that the platform uses, then you also want to be certain that you are making it the correct length.VisCap Media has got you covered! We are very familiar with creating ads for social media platforms and know exactly how long they should be to get you the most amount of clicks. If you are interested in learning more about how long a Facebook ad should be, then keep reading!

What Facebook Recommends

For ads placed during or before video content, also known as in-stream video ads, Facebook recommends that you keep your ad between 5 and 15 seconds. Although, if you want to go longer, your ad can be up to 31 seconds long.However, you will probably want to go with what the platform recommends since they are familiar with how people use their platform. If you want your ad to work, you need to attract the viewer’s attention before you do anything else. Once the ad has been playing, viewers tend to lose interest quickly.If you make a video that catches their attention right out of the gate, then they are more likely to click on your ad. VisCap Media specializes in making these types of short and informative videos. We have the experience to create content that your audience will be sure to enjoy. We have a variety of examples of these types of videos in our portfolio.So, even though Facebook allows for a 31-second ad, you only want to take all of the time if you are certain that you can fill it with engaging content. 15 seconds is easier to pack with eye-catching displays of your product while being short enough to entice viewers to go to your website to learn more about it.If you want to know more about what Facebook recommends, they have created a helpful guide to their video ad specs. Of course, if you decide to have us make the video ad for you, we are very informed on the requirements and could meet all of the specs without hassle.

In-Stream Video Ads

Since these are the most popular format and bring in the highest amount of clicks, we want to cover them a little more thoroughly. Viewers can not skip these types of ads. They only occur during a video that the viewer has been watching for at least one minute. If your ad is too long, they might get annoyed and close it as soon as they can. Keeping them short is best if you want to increase interaction with your brand.Communicating what your product is and how to use it early in these videos helps them perform the best.

Tailor Your Ads to the Viewer

You will also want to consider how the viewer might be watching your video. In general, shorter ads tend to do better. Facebook allows you to tailor your ads to the viewer, so you might want to consider the attention span of your audience when making the length of your videos.For instance, shorter videos are better for reaching a millennial audience, who have a shorter attention span when using social media- they are more interested in seeing the next video in their feed. Because of this, a 6-second video is more appealing to them than a 30-second one.If you are trying an older audience, then a 15-second video might be best. They are more likely to interact with or watch ads that are longer than a millennial would. Forbes covered the differences in the generations’ attention spans. They said that average millennials have an attention span of 12 seconds, while Gen Z will only pay attention for 8 seconds when it comes to ads.So, you will want to put most of your information at the start of your video, before your audience starts to tune out, this allows you to reach them much easier. VisCap Media can do all of this additional planning and market research for you.To summarize, the audience that you are trying to reach will also affect the length that you want your Facebook ad to be. Some younger generations are more prone to multitasking while watching videos and others are more likely to give you all of their attention.

Videos That Have High Conversions

The goal that your video should have, is to make more conversions on your website. But how does the length affect that percentage?Shorter videos can get the viewers more excited to learn about your product. So, if you have an ad that is engaging with all of the important information presented early, they are more likely to click on your links. VisCap Media specializes in turning those clicks into conversions, do not be afraid to get in contact with us.Ads that have higher conversions are worth investing in. They can raise your brand’s awareness, draw more visitors to your business website, and can even be shared among users. When it comes to conversions, you will want to create a shareable video. When it is passed among a wider group of people, the odds of someone completing conversions go way up.So, you will want to make shorter videos, preferably between 10 and 15 seconds to make a shareable and short ad. You can always go a little longer, although your audience might not be watching the entire ad.

Check Your Audience’s Preferences

If you already have some ads running on Facebook, then be sure that you are checking in on their preferences now and then. Facebook offers Audience Insights, so if you are not entirely sure who is watching your ads, you can find out there.Knowing this information is very important. Once you recognize your audience, you can create more videos that are tailored to them- giving you more clicks.It is better to create videos that focus on a specific audience than a broader one. If your business has a lot of different products available, then making an ad for each of them can help you reach your intended audience easier. That way, you can make each short ad tailored to the consumers for that product.General video ads are amazing for building your brand, but they do not get as many conversions as specific product ads. We can build you a digital marketing campaign that is appealing to your audience and brings visitors to your page.


So, how long should your Facebook ad be? You will want to keep it between 5 and 15 seconds, which is what the social media giant recommends. If you go longer, you run the risk of the viewer tuning out.You will want to consider your audience deeply when you are deciding on the length of the video. The generation of your audience will affect how long their attention span is, but to be safe, you will always want to put most of your information at the beginning of the video. Many people want to know what the product is right away.VisCap Media Would love to help you tackle this big project. Fill out our contact form if you want to start talking about ideas and get your new Facebook ad in production. We would love to hear from you!External SourcesLink 1Link 2Link 3

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