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How to Create Facebook Ads that Convert

Facebook is more than just a platform for hunting down your old college roommates – it’s the largest social media platform on the planet. It’s also a great place to do business so long as you can make ads that actually convert.But making Facebook ads that convert is harder than it seems. The fact is, most people don’t pay attention to advertisements when they see them on Facebook. Even beyond that, lots of people are just plain bad at making good ads. You don’t want to waste your time on an ad agency that can’t produce content that creates profits for your business.To that end, let’s go through exactly how to create Facebook as the convert and what you should do if you want to guarantee that your next advertising campaign produces tangible results instead of videos no one watches.

First and Foremost: Target Your Ads

Here’s something you have to remember: generic or overly salesy ads don’t get attention. Think about it! When you’re on Facebook, you’re looking at your friends and family’s profiles and the content they post. You aren’t necessarily in a shopping mood, and if you notice an ad blatantly trying to get your attention like a TV commercial, you’ll probably ignore it.Every Facebook ad you put out has to be targeted and expertly crafted for its ideal audience. This is even truer for Facebook compared to many other platforms since people can curate their Facebook feed. If you want to be seen, you have to be specific!You should already have a general idea of your ideal customer or “customer avatar”. You should use this information in conjunction with an excellent ad-creation agency to craft meaningful advertisements that connect with your target audience.If it’s done right, your future customers won’t even know that they’re being advertised to. Instead, they’ll be happy that they happened to notice such a great story that brought them to the solution they’d been waiting for!

Clearly Outline Pain Points and Benefits/Solutions

Any good ad should tell a story, and every story has challenges and solutions. Just like a movie or book with a beginning, middle, and end, a Facebook ad that converts will:

  • Feature an initial scenario or problem – these are the pain points that people can sympathize with and see themselves experiencing without a novel solution
  • A solution or benefit that your product or service brings to the table. A great ad will showcase exactly how your service or product can do the job better than any competitors
  • An ending where it’s made clear just how the ad viewer can get their hands on your product or service ASAP. It’s no use whetting their appetites and leaving them hanging

If you do this right, every ad you create will be like a complete story, demonstrating the value of your brand and making your product irresistible to the right audience. Plus, this is much more satisfying to watch and experience from a customer perspective.No one wants to be advertised to. But everyone is fine with being shown something they can and will use in their everyday life. Bonus points if it’s something they struggle with daily! Granted, this technique is something that takes a lot of skill and practice. That’s why it’s always smart to hire an expert video ad agency to help you when creating video Facebook advertisements.

Always Include a CTA (Call to Action)

The end of an add will only lead to excellent conversions if you have a call to action, or CTA. A CTA should only crop up at the end of your ad (unless recommended otherwise by your expert marketing ad agency).Think of it like this:

  • Someone views your video advertisement on Facebook
  • The ad takes them through a story, where they empathize with the ad subject or protagonist
  • They realize they have the same issue as the person in the ad, and want a solution
  • BOOM! Your product or service blasts onto the screen, solving the issue in style
  • But wait… then the ad ends?

The ending above is a little disappointing, right? If you were a customer or ad viewer, you’d want to know how you could get your hands on that kick-ass product or how you could get in contact with its creator.A call to action should provide all that information and more. It should offer your contact information, your website, and a link to the landing page you should have curated beforehand that can take a future customer right to the “Buy” button.In a way, the call to action is the most important part of any Facebook ad that creates high conversion. An ad can tell a great story and have phenomenal production value, but without a good call to action that inspires people to actually check out your site, it’s worthless.

Work with a Skilled Ad Creation Team

By far, the best thing you could do to create Facebook ads that convert is to hire a phenomenal ad creation team. These days, video ads and viral marketing are the best bang for your buck in terms of both time and money spent on the project.Here are just a few ideas for video ads that you can create with the help of Viscap Media:

  • Viral ad videos, which are short, sweet, and to the point. This is particularly true for younger viewers – those low attention spans make them more likely to click or swipe away from your ad much faster than older users!
  • Testimonials, which are videos that are ideal for building trust and getting long-term conversion later down the road. Testimonial videos offer real-world feedback from customer experiences that can show they’ve tried out your product or service.
  • Reviews are also helpful, especially since lots of people don’t open their wallets without someone they trust doing so first. Get a trusted reviewer to try out your stuff, and your Facebook ad will convert, convert, convert.
  • Unboxing videos are a novel Facebook ad concept that’s popular with younger viewers and certain target audiences. It combines the visceral pleasure of opening a new package with the technical aspects of a detailed review.
  • Lifestyle Facebook ads can be particularly effective for hesitant buyers. Like testimonials, they’re great for long-term conversion since they show how a customer’s life gets tangibly better after they use your product.
  • Lastly, infomercials are ideal Facebook ads for conversion in technical dishes. If your audience or ideal customer base is older and knowledgeable, giving them an ad that speaks to their insecurities or questions is ideal.

Fortunately, Viscap Media is well-versed in both these types of video Facebook ads and many more! With a crack team of expert writers, producers, and editors, we’re ready and able to help you create Facebook ads that convert new customers faster than you can believe!More importantly, we have the experience and expertise to make sure that every Facebook ad we create converts. Facebook ads that don’t do this aren’t worth the digital real estate they take up. Every ad we produce has the potential to change your business and supercharge your sales.


The good news? Contacting Viscap Media is quick and easy. Once we get your proposal, we’ll start working immediately on concepts and ideas so our creative juices can flow and our teams can merge into one unstoppable force.With Viscap Media on your side, you’ll be able to make Facebook ads that truly convert both in the short-term and long-term and that are worth every dollar. Contact us today and let’s get started on your ads!Sourceshttps://neilpatel.com/blog/beginners-guide-to-running-facebook-ads-that-convert/https://www.facebook.com/business/learn/facebook-create-ad-website-conversionshttps://www.udemy.com/course/facebook-marketing-how-to-create-converting-ads/

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