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Top 7 Features to Look for When Choosing a Digital Advertising Agency

A digital advertising agency can be an invaluable help when improving your current online marketing efforts or starting a new digital marketing campaign. Many companies need a little assistance when it comes to crafting branded video content or video ads that really convert, instead of just taking up space on their websites.But how can you tell whether a digital advertising agency is actually worth your time and money? We recommend looking for the below seven features when hiring a digital advertising agency. Each of these serves as a solid marker for a company that knows what it’s doing and that can provide great content for your marketing needs time and time again.

A Great Portfolio

For starters, you should only look closer at a digital marketing agency if they have a great portfolio on their website. A portfolio is a collection of their past work for previous clients and can serve as a good litmus test for whether they will produce high-quality video content for your company as well.Furthermore, the portfolio can tell you:

  • What type of work the marketing agency has done before
  • What work they may specialize in if any
  • Whether they have members on their team for a specific ad or video content types/technical requirements

If a digital marketing agency doesn’t have a portfolio you should consider another agency. Think carefully before spending money on an unproven firm. Instead, work with a digital marketing agency that has a history of success.

A Good Reputation

If you find a digital advertising agency that appears to have a solid portfolio and some good examples of their past work, be sure to investigate their reputation as well.A company's reputation can sometimes serve as a more accurate depiction of how they work and what you can expect from a partnership than their portfolio. A digital marketing agency's reputation will also give you information about:

  • How well the company works with others
  • Whether the company delivers their work on time
  • How often the digital marketing agency gets back to communications

All of this is valuable information when you are picking a marketing agency for your brand. Ask around to other businesses that have hired a prospective marketing agency before. If they only have negative things to say, it doesn’t matter how impressive that marketing agency’s portfolio is.

Specialized Members

An excellent digital advertising agency for your company will have several specialized members. Why not generalized? Digital marketing is a complex field and no digital marketer, no matter their talent, can do it all.Instead, it’s better to find a marketing agency that has members or employees that specialize in certain types of digital advertising. For example, VisCap Media specializes in video ads and branded video content. We don’t specialize in static image ads or PPC ads.Because of this, we’re the best in the industry at what we do, which makes us a perfect partner for a variety of companies. An advertising agency with specialized members will deliver better results for specific types of ads or marketing goals.

A Well-Optimized Website

Any agency should have a high-quality website from top to bottom, including:

  • A fantastic layout and theme that is easy to navigate and is visually interesting
  • A page with the portfolio in past projects so you can browse those projects at your whim
  • An easy to find contact page in case you want to communicate with them

Above all, the website should be a joy to navigate through and shouldn’t induce any frustration or confusion.Take a few minutes and dive deep into a potential agency’s website. Click on every page they have and see if there are any broken spots in the website (i.e. links that don’t lead anywhere or pages that don’t work).

They Don’t Over-Promise Results

If you find a digital marketing agency that looks like it fits all your criteria, schedule a consultation or get in touch with its leaders. Start by breaking down what you hope to get out of the partnership and what kind of digital marketing work you’ll need from that company.Pay attention to what they say. Digital marketing agencies that over promise results (such as by claiming that they can increase your conversion rate by 200% in a week or something similarly ridiculous) are not to be trusted.Instead, look for promises that seem more achievable but still within your goals or estimated deadlines. You should also stay away from companies that promise hard numbers, like percentage changes in your website traffic or click-through rates.Naturally, this doesn’t mean you should accept wishy-washy or indeterminate promises from a prospective hire. They should still be able to promise solid results for your company after a few weeks or months. But keep the core idea in mind: NO over-promises!

Excellent Company Culture and Values

During your interview with a digital advertising agency, inquire about their company culture and values. This may seem to be ancillary to your actual goal (which is hiring a marketing agency to boost conversions, traffic, and more), but it’s not.In fact, company culture and values can tell you a lot about whether a digital advertising company will be a good match for your own marketing team or corporate culture. A company that has different values from yours may not gel well with your staff or may not deliver work that synchronizes with the rest of your brand identity.The reverse is true as well, of course. An agency that seems to have similar values and cultural cornerstones could be a great partner for long-term marketing collaborations.

Reasonable Prices

Last, we recommend hiring a digital advertising agency that offers their services for reasonable prices. The best digital advertising agencies will advertise their prices at fair rates. This shows that they believe in their work.Similarly, don’t go for an agency that prices work too high. Not only will this burn through your marketing budget more rapidly than you may think, but it can also be a sign of overconfidence.


As you can see, there are lots of things to keep in mind as you look for a top-tier digital advertising agency for your brand. We’d like to cut your search short.We’re VisCap Media: One of the most successful digital marketing agencies in the industry with fair rates and a portfolio available so you can check out our past work. Even better, we’ll be happy to contact you and answer any questions about how we can help your brand and boost your marketing results through high-quality, crafted video content that converts.Contact us today and let’s get a conversation started!SourcesTop 8 Essential Website Optimization Strategies for 2019 | Search Engine Journal5 Reasons Your Online Reputation Matters | BBBConversion rate: Definition | Google Ads Help

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