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Viral Video Conversions: The Holy Grail of Advertising

Viral videos are the holy grail of conversions. They draw people in and make them interested in seeing what is happening. They might even follow the link back to your site after they watch the video. That makes it easier to fulfill your conversion goals, which might be having them make a purchase or filling out a form.No matter what your goals are, a viral video can help! They can be shared and reach thousands and thousands of people- expanding your audience and helping your business to grow greatly. VisCap Media would love to assist your business by providing you with a quality video.You can check out our examples at the top of our portfolio. We are sure that you will love the fast-paced and exciting nature of them! We would be happy to make a video like that for your brand as well.If you want to learn more about viral videos, then be sure to keep reading.

What is a Viral Video?

Viral videos are videos that are perfect for sharing on the internet. They are very popular on YouTube and can be shared through social media or emails. They are short so that they hold the audience's attention- typically under a minute.They are also bright, peppy, and up-beat. They can be serious as well, often containing some kind of shock or surprise that causes the viewer to share it. Since everyone is online, probably everyone has encountered a viral video at some point in their lives. We can help you make the perfect one to show off your product. There are many different elements to a video that might cause it to go viral. When it comes to our professional, quality videos we offer all of those elements. Our ads are fast-paced, allowing the viewer to get all of the information that they need about the product quickly, but also in an entertaining way.But, why do some videos go viral and others do not? There are a few reasons we would like to cover below.

Why Videos go Viral

The videos that go viral often get us to respond to them in some way. There also probably is some reason as to why you want to share it. For example, in our PowerPod viral video, we were able to showcase the feeling of frustration that people get when their phone dies in public.We did this quickly, with a lot of energetic music and sound effects to keep the audience’s attention. By keeping the pacing fast and the video short, the audience does not close the video before it ends- which they would do for a longer ad. If you want a viral video like that, we can help you build the perfect one for your product! Our other example, VeeFresh, is a completely different product from the PowerPod. However, the video was designed around the product, making it effective and efficient at communicating with the viewers. By the end of the video, you know who the product is meant for, what it does, and why someone would want to buy it.Short videos like these encourage sharing online. But why would someone be motivated to share?

Why We Share Videos

There are a few different reasons as to why someone would share a video. The most common reason is that we are looking for a new opinion on the video, the most common is we are sharing the video to start a conversation.There are plenty of viral videos out there that make amazing conversation starters. For example, our video on Kompress Kinetics can be used to start a conversation. Person A might send it to Person B if they know that they have been complaining about feeling physical pain.In this case, Person A is recommending that B watch the video to learn about a product that might help them. In other cases, we might just want to see what someone has to say about the product featured in the video.VisCap Media can make you a video that your audience will want to share. We know exactly what steps to take to make the video interesting, entertaining, and worth sharing with others. We are always careful to put the personality of the product and brand into the video as well.Now that you know what viral videos are and why they are shared, you can see how they are the holy grail of conversions.

Why They Work

Conversions are important goals that your business needs to hit. For example, you want to make so many sales through a video. When the video is shared among friends and family, they are more likely to click the link to your website- and might even finish the conversion.Since viral videos are shared with so many people, the rate of your success is going to be much higher than if you were running some other kind of ad campaign. In today’s technology-based world, viral videos are an extremely successful type of ad to run.Think about it like this. We always have our cell phones somewhere within arms reach almost any given moment. This means that we can see new information very fast. If someone were to send you a message with a viral video inside of it, you would probably open the message right away- and might even share it with someone else.That is why viral videos work. They are very successful with conversions and are extremely helpful to businesses. If you would like to try one out, be sure to hire us for all of your video marketing needs. We have the experience in making these popular videos, so we are sure that we would make a shareable one for your brand!

Offer Engagement

When you post your video on your social media or your website, be sure that you start interacting with users as they respond. People love commenting on videos, so you can raise your brand’s engagement with the audience by taking the time to send replies to them.Of course, you will want to be sure that you are responding in a way that is appropriate for your brand. You might also want to have someone moderate the video comments when it goes viral. Sometimes people can comment negative things unnecessarily on a video since they feel confident as an anonymous person on the internet.You can delete these messages, to keep the comment section from fighting among themselves and keep the message of your video positive. Engagement is very important when building a brand and we would love to help. Videos and other virtual content is great for getting your audience to interact with your brand. Plus, creating shareable videos will help lead more people back to your website.


Viral videos are often less than a minute long so that the audience can get all of the information that they need to determine if they are interested in your brand quickly. This also makes them extremely shareable- meaning that they also have the potential to be amazing at conversions as well.If you are interested in creating a viral video for your company, then be sure to contact us today. We are the leaders in developing your brand’s visual capital and have the skills to make amazing videos. If you want the perfect viral video, then be sure to reach out to us.External SourcesLink 1Link 2Link 3

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